Hello February!

I have to first say, I have a draft that I was working on during the first (full) week of January about being pregnant and what I liked about it because I was still pregnant and starting to not want to be pregnant anymore so I figured it’d be a good way to keep up my spirits by reflecting on the great things.  BUT THEN… I went into labor 5 days early and it was glorious!  So… that post will remain a draft forevermore unless I decide to someday reflect again.

Yes — we have a baby and she’s amazing!  Her name is Lyra (that’s “lie-ruh” if you are confused, although I don’t understand why you would pronounce it another way because of the unofficial rules of pronunciation but ya never know).  I will probably continue to refer to her as L or Lady L (here is a reference for that!) on this here blog because it skeeves me out with how much people put about their babies on the internet these days.

I feel like I have so much to say and I should’ve started blogging about this earlier but I have a newborn and when I’m not attending to her needs or mine or the animals or hanging with my husband all I want to do is snuggle her up so getting on the computer has not been a priority.  I know you understand.  I’ll probably break some posts up.  I have a pretty good routine going with the tiny lady so during some nap time throughout this week I’ll tackle posts I want to go into detail about.

Here’s a quick breakdown –

She was brought forth earthside on January 9th after the best labor & delivery experience ever.   I was so excited that I got to meet all my birth goals and I had a wonderful natural unmedicated childbirth and John got to “catch” her.  It was awesome
and I immediately told my midwife that it made me want to have five more babies.  John and I wrote a birth story that we shared with our birth class but I’ll have to edit that heavily before I share it on here because that was a totally different audience.  An audience that wants to know crazy details of things like my bowel movements and I just don’t think I’ll put that out here on this public blog ;)

L is a healthy little girl and these past few weeks have been dreamy.  Someone asked what we thought was the most surprising thing about childbirth/having a newborn and John kind of summed it up by saying that it’s not nearly as bad as people say it is. People love to share horror stories. Don’t get me wrong — it’s probably the hardest work we’ll ever do but it is the most worthwhile work too and it balances out so it’s been so pleasurable.  We haven’t once felt stressed or overwhelmed.  We’ve just been enjoying this special time together because babies don’t keep — L is already growing out of most of her newborn sized things.  Sadface.  The upside of this is she is gaining weight like a champ as our breastfeeding relationship is going splendidly.  SO thankful.

More Lady L posts coming up this week along with pictures when I upload some to a computer.  I want to talk about her birth, adjusting to life with a newborn talking specifically about the first few days, and I want to do a one month update since she will be 1 month this weekend.  Time is flyin’!  Stay tuned :)

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2 thoughts on “woohoo!

  1. Okay, Freaks & Geeks. Hilarious! Such a great show that I miss.

    Glad you met all your birth goals! It’s so nice to hear something positive because I’m terrified of such things. (For the record, I am the kind of person that wants to know all the details as I want to be as prepared as possible. I don’t like when people gloss over things. But yeah, that’d be a bit much for a blog.) I used to be scared of childbirth and hoped that when the time comes I’d be given a c-section, but now I’m more scared of that.

    Again, congratulations!

    • I will tell you all the details if you want them! I don’t mind sharing them with people but I’d rather do it privately :)

      It was the best experience and not terrifying at all. You can do it! My recovery has been great too – recovery would be much harder after a c section.


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