the most wonderful time of the year!

Greetings from the sick bed.  I’m taking a sick day from work so I’m hunkered down in Halloween & cat themed mismatched pajamas, snuggling with a Christmas themed blanket and pillow while I watch the Flu Season episode of Parks and Rec — it’s comfort food.  I haven’t been feeling well for a few days now and that combined with having an extremely busy week (long work days last week & Saturday for an event we put on on Saturday), preparing for baby (classes, cleaning, laundry, organizing), Christmas celebrations with friends and at work, and being extremely pregnant (acid reflux is the pits and I’m tired of sleeping sitting up and still having acid creep up in my throat) made for one very tired and sick Rhianna.  Last night I barely slept and neither did poor John who woke up every time I had to blow my nose and asked “what’s wrong?!”  We are on alert these days and even though I only have a sinus infection, sleepy John still doesn’t know when he first wakes up if I’m awake for labor reasons.  I’m not, but ya know — so close to the due date we are getting into the “it could happen anytime” territory.

Is any of this making sense?  Probably not… my head is foggy.  These homeopathic sinus tablets I’m diligently taking aren’t helping at all — oh what I’d give to take some real drugs because at least they’d knock me out for a while and maybe I’d be able to get more than 20 minutes sleep at a time.  Wow!  My crankypants are on tight.  ENOUGH COMPLAINING!

Let’s get to the good stuff.  We hosted our Friend Christmas celebration on Sunday and it was lovely.  We got to hang out with our near and dear and give & receive presents.  Our house is cozy with all the decorations, even though we haven’t completed trimming the tree — only have lights, a star, and some garland on it… we have not had time at home to put up the ornaments.  Houses always feel better when people  you love are around and eating good food and laughing with you.

Today I’m missing my division’s Christmas party at work.  I’m really sad but I’m just too tired.  However, I’ve been texting my boss all morning catching him up on stuff I needed to do today and checking in.  It’s just like when I was younger and in school.  A sick day always sounded nice, a day off of school, but in reality you’re sad you’re missing your friends (and my coworkers are friends) and there’s not really anything good on tv and you feel like a lump so you’d just rather be at school (work) with your friends feeling useful.  An hour ago I did stop by work because there was something sitting on my desk that I needed to get to today and I wanted to make sure my secret Santa received her gift.  I only stayed long enough for a bit of the gift exchange and to take care of a document.  I hope they are having fun at the Christmas lunch party.  This year our division decided to do a “secret scrappy santa” which is like a secret santa only you had to make or re-purpose something to give to your santa.  The coworker I got wrote down that she liked ocean documentaries, her dog, and cooking/baking (we all wrote down ideas to help our santas along) so I decided to try and combine the three and I made her homemade dog treats in the shape of sea creatures.  I think she liked them!  It took me a while to figure out what I was going to get her.  For my ideas I wrote down “I like anything fun and I’m a fan of pop culture.  It would probably just be best to ask a teenage girl what she’d like and then you’ll have your idea.”  And I received an awesome gift — my santa regifted me some old CDs including a bunch of Backstreet Boys and N*Sync and Mariah and Britney and I maybe cried a lot when I opened it because I’ve since lost all those CDs I had once upon a time in the late 90s and am SO glad I have them again now.  I can’t believe he still had all those CDs laying around his house — perfect!  So definitely worth going to work for a half hour today.  I got to see a couple other gift exchanges and it was fun to see how creative people got for their scrappy secret santa gifts.  I think we might do this idea again next year — it was wonderful because you didn’t have to stress about buying a gift.

Well I just word vomited a lot all over this page so I should probably shut it down now.  Thumbs up for only word vomiting and not being the kind of sick with stomach issues.  I don’t think I could handle that on top of the crud and pregnancy.  Quick pregnancy update — everything is still going well and we are SO close to getting to meet our baby, I’m crazy excited.  I am starting to get to that point that I’m tired of being pregnant.  It’s not so bad, but the aches and pains and waddling are getting to me — on the upside, people are so kind and supportive and just wonderful with helping me.  Even my coworkers will stoop to tie my shoes for me, God bless them.

This is Rhianna — over and out.

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