tuppence a bag

I had to document last night because it was glorious.  I left work about 5 minutes early because I had a scheduled prenatal massage at the birth center.  I got a gift certificate for this from my husband on my birthday.  It was one of the greatest gifts I’ve received.  The lady I went to is actually one of the nurses that attends births so I’ll probably be seeing her in a few weeks.  She has magic hands.  I had an hour and a half long full body massage.  OH MY GAWD.  It was the greatest thing in the world.  I was so relaxed.  I told her a little ways in that I was afraid I was going to fall asleep and start snoring — luckily I did not.  It was wonderful getting to know her since she’ll be all up in my business soon.  And it’s nice knowing that those magic hands will be at my disposal should I need a little, short massage during labor.  I recommend that every pregnant woman get a looooooong prenatal massage.

After the massage she recommended that I go home and get straight into the tub with some epsom salts and drink lots of water.  Someone ordering me to take a nice relaxing bath?  I mean, yeah, I’ll do it.  I told John this on the phone once I left the birth center and by the time I got home he had drawn a nice warm, salty bath with candles all around, and a couple pieces of chocolate AND he set up the laptop nearby with Mary Poppins queued up and ready to go.  He’s kind of perfect.  I hopped in the tub and was joined by Fleas, the babycat, because she loves water?  (I don’t get it either.)  So Fleas hung out on the side of the tub with me while we listened to the soothing voice of Julie Andrews.  When I finally got out of the tub, nice and pruney, I felt relaxed and invigorated at the same time.  Oh it was delightful.

voice of an angel.

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