thankful. [2013]

I’m overdue for a Thankful List.  Thanksgiving was five days ago, but we’ll just extend the gratitude period, alright?  Okay.

This year I’m thankful for:

- Marrying John.  I’m thankful we had the best wedding ever.  And I want to marry him every single day.
– Our family.  We have so many kind and generous and funny family members — it’s the best.  They’ve really supported us this year.
– Our health!  Always a good year when no major ailments occur.
– Our house.  We moved into a home we can grow into and we are enjoying it every day.
– Our animals.  I’m thankful for Rory’s unfailing joy and sweetness, for Penny’s warm snuggles and calming purr, and for the babycat’s inability to allow you to take a shower alone — you always have someone to talk to! (…she loves the shower, is that weird?)  John might want to take the babycat off this thankful list, but deep down I know he loves her so much.
– My coworkers.  It’s such a good thing when you look forward to coming into work.  They make me laugh constantly and are the most kind-hearted people.
– Friends — near and far!  Oh how I wish all of them lived super close to me, but I’m still thankful that those that are far still feel so familiar.  They are the coolest people I know.
– Baby L.  I’m so thankful we got pregnant easily and that this has been an uncomplicated pregnancy.  I’m thankful for all the “normal” appointments and ultrasounds.  I’m thankful for a body that can carry a baby.  I’m thankful for all the baby movements inside me.  I can’t wait to meet this girl.

Other things I’m thankful for:  The Lord of the Rings extended edition, water, agendas, hot tea, lip balm, a soaking tub that allows me to take luxurious baths, Netflix,, pizza, Christmas carols, the moon, multiple bathrooms in our house, my blankie & green blanket, the cat door in the laundry room that makes it impossible for the dog to eat cat poop, the fireplace, sweet new neighbors, Paula’s Choice skincare, water bottles, baby clothes, and the ocean.

I’m also thankful that we are moving into CHRISTMASTIME!  We’ve been finishing up our Christmas decorating in the house.  Baby already has a stocking just in case she comes before Christmas. :)


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