it starts at midnight!

I’ve been somewhat trying to do a bi-monthly update on this blog and I fear I’ve missed my goal by a week.  So a lengthier update than usual, perhaps?  Annnnnd… I started this post a week before I’m finishing it.  Forgot I had this draft.  So the first paragraph was written a bit ago…

We traveled to Kentucky for several days towards the beginning of the month.  We listened to the audiobook of Twilight making sure to take Taylor Swift music breaks.  We’re just a coupl a’ good wholesome teens in love.  We left right after work on Thursday and didn’t get to my parents house until about 2AM, then we stayed up and talked to my mom until 3:30AM.  I still managed to wake up early and didn’t nap on Friday at all — it was a miracle.  We got to see friends and family on Friday and then Saturday was my baby shower!  It was fun and we were spoiled with gifts.  I was so grateful for all the lovely women that attended, I admire each one of them and it was great seeing them all.  After the shower anyone related to me (and there were a lot!) came over to my parents house and we got to hang out the rest of the night.  It was so wonderful getting to catch up with some cousins I hadn’t seen in a long time.  I have to admit, I was finally exhausted at this point though.  On Sunday we had breakfast with family before everyone left to go home.  We spent the rest of the day shopping a bit, eating with some friends, and going through some of my childhood boxes for keepsakes I’d want to give to L (or just keep for myself… things L wouldn’t want, but I’m still attached to).  My parents are also downsizing in anticipation of moving out of their home into something much smaller, so we got to peruse the different holiday decorations and pick out some things to claim as our own.*  We headed back home to North Carolina on Monday.

The weekend was a perfect amount of time to visit with people, I didn’t feel rushed but was ready to go back home when we did.

All that up there was written a week ago… am now finishing this post.

I was going to try and fill out the paragraphs and lonely sentence paragraph up there, but I wrote it a while ago and I don’t feel like going back.  So this is disjointed.  Anyway –

The rest of this month has gone by pretty smoothly.  Birth classes are going well – if anything it’s nice to just have a block of time each week that John and I get to spend together focusing on the baby.  Not that we don’t do this every single day, but it feels way more like a team thing when we go to class with the other couples.  Team John & Rhianna!  We’re here to DOMINATE!  Just kidding, it’s not a competition or anything ;)

This past weekend we saw Catching Fire.  I wanted to go at midnight.  I loooove midnight premieres.  LOVE them.  But I’m ginormous and I have to pee a lot and I’m generally cranky late at night now because I’m so uncomfortable and that’s when L decides to start tap dancing on my rib cage (btw… she’s been head down for a while now, cooperative baby!).  So we went Saturday early morning and it was a pleasant experience.  I really enjoyed it.  Much more than the first movie.  But I also enjoyed the second book much more than the first (or third for that matter… I’m not even that big a fan of the third at all), so I’m glad it was great or I would’ve been very sad.

Let’s see, let’s see… what else to share?  Being pregnant in the third trimester is harder than the second, but I’m still enjoying it a lot!  Since I was a newborn babe myself, I’ve been blessed with the ability to sleep and sleep hard.  I definitely need these nine months of not sleeping hard to prepare me for when the baby comes.  I feel like my biggest challenge so far has been sleep.  I’m not used to not sleeping soundly through the night.  Now I wake up multiple times, mostly bathroom breaks, some reflux issues, a few times just plain insomnia — and I don’t like it.  But it’s nature’s way of saying “sorry kid, get used it!” right???  Soon there will be another little human needing me to be up several times a night to take care of her.  John is not a good sleeper, nor has he ever been.  I’m hoping once L gets a little bigger she takes after her mom with her sleeping habits.  Honestly, it’s the only trait of mine I’m praying she has!  She can be John completely made over, just please take after me when it comes to sleep!  … I’ve just jinxed myself.

Today, Tuesday, it’s two days until Thanksgiving.  My parents are coming into town and we will celebrate along with John’s mother, his cousin, and two of our very good friends (and their dog!).  Yummy food, a little Black Friday shopping (and very little, I’m not as agile this year), and tons of football.  I’m going to commission my mother to help me prepare some freezer meals for after I pop out this baby and get her to help me organize all the baby things we have so it will make sense.  Official 2013 Thankul List post coming tomorrow or Thursday, but boy oh boy am I thankful for mothers! :)

*If anyone is familiar with Gilmore Girls, it reminded me of the episode when Emily makes Lorelei and Rory go around and put a sticky on anything they want in the house.

{I’ve decided to just use random phrases as post titles because I’m so bad at coming up with titles.  This title phrase, not used in the film, is from Catching Fire said by Plutarch to Katniss}
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2 thoughts on “it starts at midnight!

  1. Ahahaha I remember that from Gilmore Girls! I actually have Gilmore Girls on the mind because I decided to finally give audio books another try. I got one from the library and popped it into my car’s CD player. The voice sounded SO familiar but I couldn’t pin point it. Once I parked I looked at the back of the audio book case and saw it was Luke’s sister!

    I still haven’t seen Catching Fire and I’m bummed about it. Hopefully going to this weekend.

    Love reading posts about how you’re prepping for baby, but I cannot WAIT until she’s actually here and you post about that as well. :D

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