November, your bangs are cute.

I put that video up because whenever I say the word November, I start singing that song in my head.  It’s a problem.  MouseRat is one of my favorite bands and I think Andy Dwyer is a perfect tv character.

So it’s November!  In our house November 1st usually means putting up Christmas decorations.  We are those obnoxious people, but when you live with Santa Claus (John) what would you expect?  This year we didn’t do that though!  Isn’t that crazy?!  In years past our reasoning has been that we’ve traveled for the holidays so we want to decorate early and enjoy it early since we aren’t actually home for the holidays.  But this year we will definitely be home for the holidays so I didn’t see the rush to put up the decorations at midnight on November 1st.  John on the other hand was SOOOOOO upset.  When I came home from work on Monday he had Christmas Vacation queued up, red & green M&Ms in a Santa bowl, and a Christmas-themed popcorn tin.  So we watched the movie and ate festive foods and decorated a TINY bit.  Hardly any decorations actually came out of storage but there is still some Christmas cheer going on.  We are traveling this weekend — the last time traveling for a long time! — so we are waiting until we get back home to go ALL OUT CHRISTMAS OMG.

Halloween was wonderful.  I dressed up as a skeleton, complete with baby skeleton inside me wearing a mask and cape.  We had trick-or-treaters at work and then when I came home we had SO MANY TRICK-OR-TREATERS.  So many.  There was a swarm of people.  All the candy we bought only lasted a little more than an hour.  I’m going to have to start buying Halloween candy next spring and just buy a bag or two each paycheck to keep up.  So many people.  But it was so fun to sit on the porch with John and pass out candy to all the kids.  Our neighborhood goes crazy, people park a quarter mile away just to come to our neighborhood and the local police set up stations throughout to have a presence and give out candy.  I was planning on taking pictures of the pumpkins we carved but didn’t get any for a good reason.  See, once we ran out of candy I blew out the candles in the jack-o-lanterns and turned off the porch light and we went inside.  However, kids were still knocking on our door, so I had to pull all the Halloween decorations inside too so as not to disappoint them by telling them we ran out of candy.  When we pulled all of the pumpkins inside, somebody decided to eat the face off of the jack-o-lantern.  That somebody is 90lbs and furry and goes by the name of Rory.  I should have taken a picture when we first carved them instead of waiting until Halloween night.

In other news, we started birth classes the other week and are enjoying them a lot.  I love our instructor and there’s a lot of nice couples in class with us.  It’s fun to have a sense of community with them and talk about the emotional and physical aspects of pregnancy and parenting.  We are taking Bradley Method classes.  If you don’t know, it’s also called the “husband-coached” childbirth.  John is taking his role of coach very seriously.  He’s adorable.  And frustrating.  But mostly adorable. ;)  Our birth instructor seems to have already learned his love language and sent him an email praising him saying “what woman wouldn’t want her husband to be so involved with her pregnancy diet?”  Oh my word.  He’s eating it up.  But seriously, he’s an amazing partner in this process — he loves being involved and it’s wonderful to have someone you can talk to about anything and everything and helping you in every way he can.

We are going to Kentucky for a baby shower this weekend.  I feel like I’m just going to cry a lot?  In a good way that is.  I’m so excited about this baby but whenever anyone else acts excited about this baby I just puddle to the floor because my heart is so happy.  We are crazy blessed and I don’t even know how to deal with it sometimes.  Too much love.  Can’t wait!

That’s all for now.  More updates after we get home!  I have to get ready for another prenatal appointment.

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